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"The staff at Walnut Grove is both professional and personable. The care my mother receives is given with respect and sincerity."

                                             – Jared Lehman


"We are so pleased to have found Walnut Grove Assisted Living. My 97-year-old aunt has lived there since 2006. She has always been shown a great deal of dignity, affection, kindness and respect by the entire staff. All the residents are friendly and loving toward her and she considers Walnut Grove as home and family."

                                              – MaryAnn Cadrett

Walnut Grove - An Atlas Senior Care Community

Where quality of care, with dignity
and respect, enhances quality of life.


What people say about Walnut Grove Assisted Living

We know how exceptional our residents, staff, accommodations, activities and friendships are, but let's see what actual Walnut Grove families say.

Walnut Grove Assisted Living:

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“I think Walnut Grove is fantastic. I’m impressed with how they talk to their residents. They’re respectful to my dad and to me. They have nothing to hide. I love that. When it comes to service, on a scale of 1 to 10, Dad gets a 15! I just can’t say enough good about Walnut Grove. When I walk in there I’m comfortable. It’s kind of like a second home.”
                                                 – Victoria Costa



“My wife Noreen is at Walnut Grove. Some people I talked to told me to check it out, which I did, and moved her right in! I’ve seen the staff cleaning the place. They keep it nice and clean. The meals are good and worth the money. They vary the menu daily. My wife has friends there. She’s getting good care.”

                                             – Horace Searcie

"My father-in-law, Ken, lives at Walnut Grove. He's very pleased with the staff and feels well cared for. They maintain high standards of cleanliness and put safety at the top of their list. Walnut Grove is extremely well run and well maintained. I have nothing but high praise. I highly recommend Walnut Grove."

                                              – Barb Smart



“Walnut Grove is a good place; one of the better ones in Modesto. They don’t keep the Alzheimer’s patients such as my wife, Joan, separate. That’s a good thing. I think the workers at Walnut Grove do a heck of a good job. They’re caring and personable. They’re always watching over the residents. I think my wife gets good care; I do.”

                                             – Don Gisler

“As a resident of Walnut Grove, I don’t want to miss activities like the weekly ice cream social. I’ve always had a craving for ice cream. I think the cost is reasonable, considering that I get all my laundry, my meals, and my medication all doled out to me. I can’t believe all the service they give. This place is kept clean. It’s just really a nice place to be. It’s very inviting. I would recommend it most highly. As a matter of fact, I’ve referred several people.”

                                              – Wayne Michael


“The people at Walnut Grove are friendly. My husband John really likes the fact that I’m here. We have a lot of nice residents – some I knew before I came here. We do activities like Wii bowling. I’ve never bowled before in my life! I like to do crafts like flower arranging. I love puzzles and there are other activities, like exercise.”

                                       – Doris Heisel


“My wife Doris is at Walnut Grove. It's a very nice place. It’s not a large operation; it’s compact. Everyone is cared for according to their needs. The workers are supportive, friendly and very patient. Walnut Grove is so fine tuned. Every department seems coordinated: the workers, the cooks, the pill people, maintenance – they all do a good job. Everything just works so well.”

                                      – John Heisel

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