Resident of the Month, Employee of the Month, and In Memoriam

We're pleased to present a few fascinating facts about our Resident of the Month. We also honor the lives of special residents who have moved on
to a better place.


Honoring good friends

In Memoriam

Jean Swetman, 1921-2015

Jean was always willing to help anyone who needed it. She loved our activities and enjoyed socializing with her Walnut Grove friends. She will be greatly missed.

Patricia Dinubilo, 1932-2015

A one-of-a-kind resident, Pat was very loving and funny. She loved both music and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. We will certainly miss her!

Wayne Michael, 1930-2015

Wayne was very funny and always had a great story to tell. He was always grateful for any help he received. We will miss our sunshine and dear friend.


Resident of the Month, December 2016

Melvin Sellers

Favorite pet: My cat named "Kitty Cat"

Favorite food/dessert: Apple pie

Favorite childhood memory: Hunting with my uncle

Favorite book or magazine: The Bible

Favorite music artist: My brother

Favorite role model: My uncle

Favorite activity: Playing the piano

Favorite celebrity: Bob Hope

Favorite TV show: I don't watch TV

A book about my life would be called: "Worked Very Hard"

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