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Come by and take a tour!

CAMLU – An Atlas Senior Care community

Once you have visited us at CAMLU,

you will know you have come home

What people say about CAMLU Assisted Living

  CAMLU Assisted Living:



We have a great time at CAMLU

“CAMLU is a nice place, says Diane Thurber. "For breakfast, we have eggs and cereal, so I like to get the eggs. For those who want to attend, we have devotions in the morning, and then exercise. Sometimes we do Wii games like bowling. If you’re considering CAMLU, take a tour!” 

“CAMLU has good food and nice activities," says Jack Robb. "The workers help us take our medications on time, which is a blessing. Before my late wife and I came here, her relatives checked out several places in Stockton, and this is the best place around as far as I’m concerned.”

We know how exceptional our residents, staff, accommodations, activities and friendships are, but let's see what actual CAMLU residents say.


A favorite card we received from the Cardinal family



Really good people at CAMLU!

“The workers at CAMLU are all quite good; the whole bunch,” says Elvan Babylon. “And those in management are really good people. You should see them move around, and the ‘kids,’ too! The activities are done very well, and the food is good.”

“I think what they have here is fantastic,” says Barbara Dynes. “If you need help, they’ll stop what they’re doing. The ladies work hard and are very nice people. At CAMLU, you get 3 cooked meals a day. Everybody here is very nice and generous with their time.”

“At CAMLU, I often call Bingo and we have a blast,” says Anna Miller. “I make it fun. When the next number is about to pop, I like to build suspense, so I call it real slow. I’ll say ‘B...’ and they all breathe. Then I say ‘16!’ and they react. We have a great time.”

“I’ve lived all my life in Stockton. I’m close to 90 and have lost many of my friends,” says Bette Banks. “That’s what I like about CAMLU: I have all kinds of new friends. This is just the perfect place to live and meet new people. They’re sweet. I just love ‘em.”

“I was born and raised in Stockton,” says Shirley Domench. “CAMLU is in a nice area, which I like. I passed this place as it was being built. You can’t find a better place than this. If you want to live here, come on in and join the family. Make it a family affair!”


CAMLU is clean and beautiful

“CAMLU is very clean and beautiful. We have really fun activities – even Bingo!" says Ruby Gibson. "The food is good. It’s different every day. I love the toasted cheese sandwiches, so that’s what I often order. Come to CAMLU. You’ll like it here; it’s very, very nice!”

 It's a great place!


All kinds of new friends!

 It's a great place!

Come and join the family!

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